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The geocacher´s elite from Hana have recognized (during drinking plum brandy) that an apocalypse of the World will come. So we decided to save the world. We will occupy all regions and establish law and order. We will originate a new state, called Great Moravia. For that matter, this name is well known, so it will be clear immediately. 

Everybody knows, people from Hana region are lazy. We will not go anywhere. We will solve otherwise it. All the geocachers will come to Hana.

We will select representatives from other regions and countries. It will be a fair selective procedure. We will not accept bribes, money, food or drinks. Our heroes are going to beat all competitors in the uneven match. We will arrange disciplines suitable for people from Hana region only.

We will arrange a program for other visitors. They will see Olomouc, the future capital of the Word. Everybody has to know his capital. To show our power, we will show you the Army and Navy of Hana. You may strike it lucky to see secret.

Let´s take whole family with you. Everybody will be satisfied. You can send children to the kindergarten and grannies to the ZOO. You could hope that they will not serve as a snack for a lion. If the lion eat your granny, we will hope that he survives.

We are convinced you will be satisfied. Perhaps someone will settle here. But one condition is Essentials for that. You need to learn our language, the Hana dialect of Czech. But don´t worry, we will teach you it!

So, don´t hesitate and just come here!

Propositions of the competition:

TeamQuest is organized as competition 4-5-member teams to dominate the Geocaching World. The finale of the contest will be held during the main evening program for the amusement of competitors and participating attendees of the megaevent. It will take place on Saturday, September 1, 2012 in the amphitheater of the park in the Velka Bystrice (or adjacent alternate space in case of bad weather).

Team that meets the following requirements can join the competition:

  1. The team will consist solely of active geocachers with nick registered on Team member’s nicks will be listed in the application. Each team member has to be older than 18 years.
  2. The team must list the nicks of at minimum 4 members in the application (a team with less than four members will not be admitted to the competition) and a maximum of 5 members (Teams can compete with max. five team members). Every team can register alternative members. The maximum number of the alternative members can be up to the number of the regular members listed in the application.
  3. Every team should state the name of the team in the application, which clearly defines which region it represents ( it has to meet one to the options bellow)
    1. One of the 14 official regions of the Czech Republic (the name will include the name of the region).
    2. Represented country other than Czech Republic.
    3. Other historically documented, logical geographical or cultural region either in the Czech Republic or other country (in this case the organizer must with the name before placing the application).
  4. The organizer reserves the right to organize qualification activities at the time of the MegaMoravia 2012, if necessary select an acceptable number of teams attending the tournament final evening. Organizers guarantee they will announce the rules of such possible to all signed up teams no later than 25th August 2012.
  5. Teams can submit their applications by email to till 15th August 2012. Teams who place their application before the 30th June 2012 will receive a Joker card into the competition. Such Joker card will power them up in the case of tie in qualification and final round over the team that will not have a Joker.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to modify contest rules or to cancel entire Team Quest, unless at least five teams is participating the competition. Translated into understandable language: "Hey fellows, if you do manage to get at least 5 teams applied, you risk to watch performance of low quality artists…."





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