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Lost in town

The second of the four directions of subevents of Mega Moravia 2012. 

LOST IN TOWN There will not be a loss in the true sense, because a geocacher is not able to lost after all. But even in the town there is a lot to discover and search for, especially in the such beautiful town as Olomouc.. Lost in town  events show us monuments of the town and its surrounding. We will touch the history in order to realize the influence of history  for nowadays. We can`t forgot town`s microcaches and othoer city caching specialities. A sightseeing tour in the historic tram around them will be certainly attractive.

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LOST IN TOWN - subevents

Atomovy kryt/Fallout Shelter/Atom Deckung
GC3DDXJ 01/09/2012 7,4 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Jizda historickou tramvaji
GC3AT9E 01/09/2012 7,9 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Fest Sv. Kopecek
GC38JGA 01/09/2012 5,6 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Fort Krelov XVII.
GC3B0VJ 01/09/2012 12,0 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Olomoucke veze
GC3DPHV 01/09/2012 7,5 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
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