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The first of the four directions of subevents of Mega Moravia 2012.


OUTDOOR is the best environment for a fine cacher. Adrenalin events are meant for people who are not afraid to break thein personal limits. We want to climb higher, go further, dive deeper. But we want also to see a region, where we live and hunt caches. Somebody said the best view is from the back of the  horse. That is certainly true, but the view on the Olomouc from the board of the Ship of the Hana Navy will be also unforgettable.

Copyright 2008, Houston_CZ & PuPu


OUTDOOR - subevents

Touch the sky
GC3BM32 01/09/2012 7,9 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Vychod slunka nad Hano
GC353H7 01/09/2012 20,9 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
Zahrada obesencu / Hanging garden
GC3CZ0Q 01/09/2012 0,1 km from Mega Moravia 2012
  D: T:
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