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Organization team

 Team has three levels:

  1. Main organization team has exactly five members, these have main decision word.
  2. Support organizational team. This team does not have a fixed number of members, there are geocachers, who help prepare the Mega Moravia as a whole.
  3. Advanced organizational team. Members are subevent organizers, assistant organizers and all other geosupport.


Chasseur23 Chasseur23 (Standa)
geocacher since:
16 May 2009
Olomouc, Czech republic
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Organized events:

LooperCZ (Radek)
geocacher since:
16 November 2008
Olomouc, Czech republic
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Organized events: (Martin)
geocacher since:
30 March 2009
Prostejov, Czech republic
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Organized events:

miroslav.turek (Mirek)
geocacher since:
04 May 2008
Olomouc, Czech republic
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Organized events:

sigma 1 (Martin)
geocacher since:
31 May 2009
Velka Bystrice, Czech republic
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Organized events:



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